Why Azure?

Azure is an infinite expanding set of cloud computing services to help your organization meet its business challenges. Azure give you the freedom to build, mange and deploy applications on a global network.

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Deploy Azure into your business environment with help from your trusted partners at YourITgroup. Consult with experts who care about your business if you’re evaluating how cloud services may benefit your company.

high value

Cloud computing eliminates the cost burden of having your own hardware and managing data centers on site. It also erases hidden costs such as an increasing electrical bill and extra labor costs for maintenance.

excellent security

Cloud computing provides state-of-the-art security provided from global datacenters. Your company can benefit from the multi-layered security that cloud computing makes possible.

computing efficiency

Cloud computing datacenters are constantly updated with the latest-generation hardware, ensuring users always have the most efficient computing possible at minimum cost. Your workflow is optimized as well since you have access to your computer resources from anywhere in the world.

vast infrastructure

Cloud services give you the power of a vast global computing infrastructure once you’ve had them implemented. Gain the power of large networks to power your work flow and improve your business.

Flexible Cloud Computing With Lower Costs and Better Security

Azure is an infinitely expanding set of cloud computing services designed to help your organization meet all its business challenges. Azure gives you the freedom to build, manage, and deploy your applications on a global network. Here are just a few of the advantages of letting YourITgroup help you set up and make the most of your organization’s Azure platform.

Rein in Expenses

Datacenters are expensive. Between the purchase of racks and racks of servers, the nonstop draw of costly electricity to run the servers and keep them cool, and the combined salaries of a team of IT experts to manage the whole infrastructure, the yearly bill can really add up. The steep capital expense of buying the hardware you need, licensing the software, and running the datacenter with your own people is an expense you don’t need. Azure is the simple solution to eliminating those unnecessary costs.

Beef Up Security

It’s not just about ensuring the security of your operations. Equally important is heeding the privacy requirements of customers, many of them legally mandated. The integrated technologies, policies, and controls built into the security components of Azure cloud computing are designed to protect the virtualized IP environment holding your data, applications, and infrastructure from malicious intrusions.

Make Security Obsolescence a Thing of the Past

Malware doesn’t sleep or take a vacation—and neither should you. Cloud security technology needs to constantly evolve in order stay a step ahead of malicious actors. Updating your datacenter infrastructure and software to meet this challenge would be in itself a full-time job. Best to leave that to experienced experts!

Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart

Imagine having all your company’s data, applications, and internal resources accessible 24/7/365, anywhere in the world and on any device. Not only would it be cost-prohibitive to maintain your own datacenter for that purpose, but there is a good chance it would not support all the frameworks, languages, and software your company needs to function in the cloud. Azure’s cloud networks are built on the latest-generation hardware and most up-to-date software to ensure fast, efficient access to all the computing resources your company needs.

Reject Limitations

Energy-efficient, cost-efficient, and scalable, your virtual datacenter in the Microsoft Azure cloud will transform your business. A single on-premises infrastructure simply cannot compare. Azure isn’t just one facility: it’s over 100 of them, spanning the globe and linked together by one of the world’s largest networks.

Benefits of YourITgroup's MS Azure Services

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities
  • Superior security offerings
  • Application scalability and ductility
  • Hybrid capabilities that are second to none
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft environment tools
  • Analytics and intelligence capabilities
  • Easy learning curve
  • Cost-efficiencies
  • Interoperability with other protocols
  • Secure identity & access management (IAM) capabilities

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Since 2001, YourITgroup has been a leading provider of IT support and consulting, focusing on small and medium-sized businesses in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami/Dade Counties. We have helped hundreds of businesses increase productivity and profitability by making IT a streamlined part of operations. We equip our clients with customized technology solutions—like Microsoft Azure—for greater operational value and to reduce risk.

Microsoft Azure FAQs

  • q What is Azure?


    Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud platform that enables organizations to store data and build, deploy, and manage applications in a virtual datacenter.

  • q What does Azure support?


    The Azure infrastructure supports all major operating systems, languages, and development tools. It also integrates public cloud applications with the existing IT infrastructure.

  • q What can Azure be used for?


    Besides data backup and storage, other possible solutions within the Azure ecosystem include Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Practical application of the built-in Azure tools includes analytics, virtual computing, networking functions, and application hosting.

  • q What kind of cloud is Azure, private or public?


    “Private cloud” describes a type of cloud computing services offered over a private internal network or the Internet, and only to select users rather than the general public. Azure falls into the category of a public cloud.

  • q Isn’t a public cloud less secure than a private cloud?


    Not necessarily. Properly configured, a public cloud environment can be very secure. The cloud in MS Azure is subject to very stringent access controls, and many large organizations (banks included) safely use public cloud technology for their hosting, as it can be certified for compliance with ISO requirements.

  • q What is the advantage of using a service provider like YourITgroup to set up and manage our cloud in Azure?


    Not all organizations have IT personnel with the required skillsets to properly configure and manage a cloud deployment. YourITgroup technicians possess the expertise and are fully certified to support managed services in the Azure cloud.

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