Cloud Services

No matter where they’re located or what devices they’re using, your team members can have instant access to all their mission-critical documents in the Cloud. It’s fast, efficient, and secure!

If we had to characterize our Cloud Services but could use only two words to do it, those words would be secure and on-demand. That’s because the Cloud Services hosted by the YourITgroup tech experts are managed and maintained in such a way that moving information to and from the Cloud has never been quicker, easier, or more secure. Best of all, it is very affordable!

Benefits of YourITgroup Cloud Services

Collaboration made easy

Enhanced workflow efficiency

Improved communication

Security for confidential files

Business continuity support

The end of management maintenance, and equipment worries

Why a Cloud-based Solution?

The term “Cloud” encompasses a broad spectrum of infrastructure solutions, delivered securely and on demand over the internet to users of these services. They are designed to provide our customers with near-instant access to their documents, resources, and applications, without the need for the customer to meet the daunting challenge of purchasing and maintaining complex and costly hardware on-site. And using the Cloud should be as simple and transparent as checking your email. In fact, checking email is a perfect example of a cloud solution in action.

Now more than ever, collaboration is the name of the game. Thus, a cloud-based infrastructure allows your team members and customers to upload, download, archive, share, edit, and publish documents within an integrated system. Beyond that, our Services improve communication, facilitate email messaging, enhance marketing capabilities, and improve your organization’s day-to-day business procedures.

how it works

As your partner and service provider, YourITgroup fully hosts, manages, and maintains the Cloud computing infrastructure we set up for you. Your Cloud exists on our servers, so there is no need for the customer to expend money and resources on the hardware needed to host their applications and data. And because they’re hosted off-premises, those applications and data are safe from physical loss due to theft, vandalism, or natural disaster.

types of cloud solutions

Cloud Solutions come In three distinct flavors:


Platform as a Service provides developers with a web-based environment for building Cloud applications. It serves as the programming language, operating system and database that organizations need to develop custom software without their having to support those underlying elements separately.

cloud services


Infrastructure as a Service provides the framework that a Cloud solutions vendor (such as YourITgroup) requires in order to manage SaaS tools, but prefers not to maintain themselves. Two well-known examples of IaaS would be Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Compute Engine.


Software as a Service is probably the most familiar to most users. This type of Cloud Service actually encompasses a broad range of functions, such as file storage, backup-and-restore, web-mail, and project management tools. Dropbox and Microsoft Office 365 are recognizable examples of Cloud Software as a Service.


This Cloud computing service, created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing services and applications, provides a hybrid SaaS-PaaS-IaaS environment that supports multiple programming languages, tools, and frameworks. Azure is an infinitely expanding set of Cloud computing services designed to help your organization meet its business challenges, giving our customers the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a global network.

azure support

The Business Advantages


With YourITgroup, you’re not locked in to a one-size-fits-all “solution” that is no solution at all. We provide our customers with exactly the services they want, as needed and on demand.


As your organization grows and evolves over time, you don’t need to allocate extra resources or IT staff to manage your Cloud resources. YourITgroup, supplies whatever hardware and software is needed to accommodate your ever-changing needs.


The cost of many of the Cloud software licenses we subscribe to are split amongst multiple users. Thanks to economies of scale, then, those savings are passed on to our customers. You also save money on handling hardware maintenance and software upgrades, since we take care of that for you.

cloud solutions are the future

Don’t let your competitors get the jump on you. Not only do Cloud Solutions allow you to access critical data anywhere and at any time, they also foster collaboration among colleagues and customers. By collaborating securely within the walls of your company with your employees, or outside the walls with key partners, you improve efficiency and avoid costly loss of data.

Let Us Help Keep Your Business Agile

Secure critical data and increase collaboration among employees and customers so that your business is always running at maximum efficiency.

Cloud Service FAQ's

Secure important data and increase collaboration so that your business is always running at maximum efficiency.

  • q How should Cloud Services be defined?


    Cloud Services are a framework in which massively scalable IT-related capabilities are provided as a service using Internet technologies to multiple external customers. The services provide for the delivery of resources such as data storage, computing power, networks, software, and applications from a centralized location, either over the internet or via an organization’s dedicated internal network.

  • q What’s the difference between a public cloud and a private cloud?


    A public cloud includes services that a provider makes available to numerous, external customers on the web, either for free or for a fee. A private cloud, on the other hand, makes data and apps available to users through the organization’s own internal infrastructure. In a hybrid Cloud environment, public Cloud options are combined with private Cloud infrastructure.

  • q How can the Cloud be used?


    Some of the foremost uses of the Cloud include IT management, workflow collaboration, server and storage capacity, personal and business applications, and application development and deployment.

  • q Is my company’s data secure in the Cloud?


    YourITgroup has adopted a multi-layered, industry-standard approach to security in the cloud solutions we provide. The measures we have taken to fortify security include firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, encryption, user authentication, and malware and ransomware protection.

  • q How powerful is the Cloud?


    Typically very powerful, at least in terms of options. In the era of Big Data, individual cloud servers are deployed in many state-of-the-art configurations, including general purpose, CPU- and GPU-intensive, computing-intensive, memory-intensive, low network latency, etc.

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