Evolve Your Business with VoIP

YourITgroup provides state-of-the-art Cytracom hosted VoIP solutions.  Unlike traditional PBX systems, it's delivered without the expensive setup and bulky hardware.  Because hosted VoIP is cloud-based, installation is quick and you are able to seamlessly integrate multiple locations.  With well over 150 enterprise-class features, you'll save time and money, scale freely, connect employees anywhere, and have an entire team to support your needs.

Key features include:

  • Voicemail to text/email
  • Personal assistant
  • Hunt groups
  • Company directory
  • Custom on-hold music
  • Time of day routes
  • Do not disturb
  • Custom caller ID


  • 24x7 support
  • Simple phones
  • Advanced phone service
  • Crystal-clear, HD voice
  • Business continuity
  • Seamless phone to PC integration
  • In-depth call insights
  • Over 150+ features

Transform Your Business

With VoIP, you're giving your team the ability to be productive on the road or in the office.  With over 150+ enterprise features, we have what you need to transform your business.

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We Deliver Excellent IT Service

Our value proposition is simple.

We proactively monitor and maintain your devices, servers, and network to secure your revenue through business continuity.


No More IT Vendor Pinwheel

I have experience working with IT vendors both large and small, and with pricing of varying degrees. We had rotated through IT vendors every 1 to 2 years until 2008 when we started working with YourITgroup. We have had an exceptional experience with YourITgroup and the minimal difference in extra cost that your clients may pay will be more than worth it in saved aggravation and extra peace of mind.

Jon Fedele CEO
Activa Home Health

Peace of Mind When It Matters

The biggest benefit since we’ve hired YourITgroup has been peace of mind. I know that any tech challenges that we pose can be resolved by either email or a quick phone call away. We have a staff of over 30+ employees in 6 different offices, and they all receive the help they need without any problems. YourITgroup has been there every step of the way with us.

Janelle Kroeger Market Centre Administrator
Keller Williams Realty

Out of the Dark Ages with No Downtime

We go back at least 7 years with YourITgroup. YourITgroup were the people behind 100% of what we have now. There is nothing in the office technologically that YourITgroup didn’t setup. Not only did you bring us out of the Dark Ages to make us current, but also kept us ahead of avante garde. YourITgroup kept us operational during the largest expansion in the firm’s history. When we needed to make the cutover, everything you guys did made it work on the first try.

John Farina Senior Partner
Boyes, Farina, & Matwiczyk

Worth Every Penny

We are more than pleased with YourITgroup – they are worth every penny. The staff have always responded immediately to us, even in crisis, after hours and on weekends when we are neck deep in our cases. IT service does not get any better than the service they provide to our office. I have worked closely with the engineers on the integration of new systems and they have NEVER failed us. I cannot express the value of their services and ability to meet our needs. Their response times are immediate and their knowledge is impressive.

Jeanne Newman Senior Executive Assistant
Weiss, Handler, & Cornwell

14 Years of YourITgroup Trust

We wanted the security that when something went wrong, we could have someone to depend on, and that’s when we started with YourITgroup. Whatever situation was presented, YourITgroup has always been able to solve it. My firm has been working almost flawlessly for 14 years. I don’t think I have ever been down because of a server problem… EVER.

Tom Walser Senior Partner
Walser Law Firm

Worth Double the Cost

Before YourITgroup came along, our old IT company had us in a mess. Our computers and servers were not functioning and we could not perform any work. We had no idea what was going on. We were so glad that YourITgroup crossed our paths. They came in and straightened our infrastructure immediately to make things work again. They were more than double the cost of our old IT company, but are still worth every penny.

Julie Rorabaugh Office Manager
Remenson Medical

True to Our Word

I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for. Spending a little more now will save money in the long run. Trying to save money now will end up costing a lot more. The product YourITgroup sells is true to its word. I’m extremely confident that the dollars we are spending is smart spending.

Rabbi Frank Dewoskin Temple Beth Emet

Exceeding Expectations

When researching potential IT companies there were several factors I took into consideration. A few items at the top of my list included having a knowledgeable team, a rapid response time and proactive when it comes to new technologies. It was with great pleasure that your team confirmed it was a wise decision as they’ve not only reached but also exceed my expectations when it comes to these criteria as well as the numerous other items I considered when making this vital decision when opening my office.

Maria Castellanos Office Manager
Castellanos, MD